Current Show: IFLY - LXXX YOU III
Performance, music, art, dance, fun by IFLY

Opening reception - Saturday, Feb10,  6-10pm

Show dates -Feb 10, 6-10pm
Gallery is open  Fri 2-6pm


One night art performance. Music and dancing. Fun for all. In this mix of musical mayhem and merriment is the ongoing performance by Erin Vaiskauckas, "Embrace which requires group participation.

Saturday, Feb 10, 6-10pm

Here is the serious: - LXXX YOU is a rotating group of artists and friends founded by Mike Stasny and George Long. Prompted by party motifs and the parody of human life, LXXX YOU's performance and installation work lampoons social experiences by inviting viewers into a surreal world. Primarily working as hyper-real costumed DJ’s, LXXX YOU has provided entertainment for the Hambidge Auction, the opening of Ponce City Market, Burnaway Auction, Zuckerman Museum of Art, Eide Magazine Anniversary Party, MOCA GA, Marcia Wood Gallery, Sandler Hudson Gallery, WonderFarm, and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center’s ART PARTY.

Here is the fun: Who likes potato chips? EVERYONE! You wanna hide your apple jack in a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches? You wanna read a book on the history of existentialism while YouTube-ing vintage Energizer battery commercials? Yeah! I know! Life is NEAT! We have all been there... Listen... Let's get serious... Eating Cookie Crisp is a REAL thing and nothing beats what's REAL. If you want FREE DUMB. If you want INDIE PEN DANCE. If you want to continue the life you are living but without the self hate and need to put your "no no" in the "downstairs" of a manatee... Join us? No questions asked. We've all been there. Put a battery in this...Please, can I charge my cell phone in that... Fuck... I just broke a guitar string and my dad don't know shit about rocking hard dead center. We ALL want to take a sex shower with hot dudes. We all want to know, "Where did my pants go?" Shit man, just last week I put an umbrella in my mouth and opened it up. WAIT A SEC... Didn't I meet you at that party? See you soon... lets do this again... No problem.


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Gallery is open Friday 2-6pm


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