Current Show: Family Computer Family Portrait

Opening reception Saturday,  Oct 6, 6-10pm

Gallery is open Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Kibbee Gallery October show is in spirit with the city wide Atlanta Celebrates Photography with new works by Ashley Anderson.

Ashley Anderson’s “Family Computer Family Portrait” is a document of the histories of Nintendo, photography, computing, and their convergence in the 1998 release of the Game Boy Camera. The GBC has largely served as a theoretical model for combining Anderson’s art-historical love of video game graphics with the 170 year old cyanotype photographic process. Since cyanotype is regarded as a largely hobbyist process and the Game Boy Camera was always seen as a kids toy, it made sense to combine them to make serious art.

No professional cameras have been used in the production of this show, only toys, apps, and a few odds and ends, including the light of the sun.

Next Show:
New works by Civil Discourse. A show giant group show of NYC artists paired with local ATL artists. Curated by Jaynie Crimmons


Gallery is open Friday, and Saturday 2-6pm


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