Current Show: Undoings - Existents: A Collaborative Body
                                            New works by Priscilla Alarcon & Rose M. Barron
Opening reception - Saturday, May 12,  6-10pm
Closing reception Friday, June 1, 7-9pm

Show dates -May 5-June 2
Gallery is open  Fri 2-6pm

Undoings - Existents: A Collaborative Body
New works by Priscilla Alarcon & Rose M. Barron

Artist Talk and Closing Reception: Friday, June 1st
Artist talk at 6, Reception 7 - 9 pm.
Closing will featuring a crystal bowl meditation session led by Becky Shanks.

Mixed-media abstract paintings representing personal memory, dreamscapes, landscapes, social frustrations, and sexual energy will be featured. The exhibition’s scope includes memoir, photography, video, installations, and performance art. Video Installation collaboration of Rose M Barron and Sandee M. Chamberlain
Book Release of "The Muse-Degenerate Project" memoir by Priscilla Alarcon. Performances will be ongoing throughout the evening featuring LaDonna Allison, Bill Pacer, Ajmal Miller, E. Serson Brannen, and Rin Larping.

Priscilla Alarcon and Rose Barron began collaborating in 2016 to explore gender identity within the social context of the modern, urban, South. Discussions of southern politics, socio-economics, power dynamics, and the politics of sexual identity drive the narrative of their paintings. Through process oriented tasks of planting seeds, collecting specimens, mixing paint from natural materials, and observing domestic rituals, they have attempted to deepen their spiritual connections to the earth, natural cycles, and ancient ancestral rituals in an attempt to transcend the confines of identities that are shaped by the social context of a specific place. The artists met as graduate students at Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012, receiving M.F.A. degrees in writing and photography, respectively. They have collaborated on photography, painting, and performance and have previously exhibited collaborative works at Mint Gallery, Blue Mark Studios, The B Complex, and Trio Contemporary Gallery. For more information, please visit their websites at and

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Gallery is open Friday 2-6pm


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