Current Show: Mayhem: Overwhelmed by choice

Show dates - May 2 - 23
Opening reception Saturday May 2, 6-10 pm
Closing reception Saturday May 23, 7-9 pm

New works by Katy Malone and Susan A. Cipcic
This exhibit is a consideration of upheavals in the lives of the artists respective studio practices in the first half of 2015.

Gallery is open Thur, Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Next Show: June 6- -Cryptid.

A cryptid is a plant or animal whose existence is suggested, but has yet to be documented. Cryptids at Kibbee gallery features the work of Chris Neuenschwander, Jeremy Townsend and Aaron Crawford, as they explore only the most elusive creatures in the animal kingdom.  The show will feature new paintings, drawings and prints by the three artists.
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