Current Show: The Drawing Show
drawings and music

Opening reception - Saturday, Feb10,  6-10pm
Closing reception Saturday, Feb 24th, 7-9pm

Show dates -March 3-24
Gallery is open  Fri 2-6pm

The Drawing Show opening Satuday March 3, 6-10pm A group show that displays a range of drawing styles, mediums and techniques. Everything from the classical forms to the abstracted flow of line. This show will have a wonderful variety of drawings and ideas.

Live improv performance based on the data of her drawings by Claire and Doug Paul at the opening.
On the closing, sat 24th, will be a live sound performance score baseed on the data of her drawings with Dan Bailey, Claire Paul, Doug Paul, Aaron Artrip.

Featuring these talented artists: Roxanne Anderson, Steven Assael,
Melissa Basham, Julio Ceballos, Eilis Crean, Erin Dixon, Benjamin Goldman,
Chris Hall, Jeremy Hughes, Karl Kroeppler, Christine Lu, Nick Madden,
Claire Paul, Lauren Peterson, Paige Prier, Rainey Rawles, Paul Rodecker,
Stacie Rose, Bryan Thompson, Liz Webb,

Saturday, March 3, 6-10pm

Next Show:
Pets - a group show about animals, humans and the relationships between us.


Gallery is open Friday 2-6pm


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